HourGlass Takes On the Process with Comic Book Historian and Illustrator Arlen Schumer

Every artist has a process for telling a story. And for renowned comic book historian and illustrator Arlen Schumer, also HG’s logo designer, it began drawing at the very young age of three and was immediately followed by his lifelong passion—comics.

“I learned how to read from comic books before I even learned how to read in school,” Arlen shares with HG’s co-host Giovanna Aguilar on an upcoming segment aptly titled, The Process.

Listen to how this alum of the Rhode Island School of Design crafts a story in visual form by following the Bauhaus design principle where form follows function, as captured in his coffee table art book Visions from The Twilight Zone, which according to The New York Times “transcends pop culture and brushes the underbelly of high art.”



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