Filmmaker and Multimedia Content Strategist

Iwrite, produce and direct digital content for brands in a variety of industries that include banking, financial services, entertainment, sports, skincare, beauty and more.

My passion for telling stories began with my love of color. Mixing hues, balancing light and shadow – chiaroscuro – while creating textures and building perspectives onto the blank canvas. When I begin to work on a story, I draw from my early days as a visual artist when I would select my palette, brushes and medium to bring forward the vision that began as a flash of an idea in my mind. Then I would continue with the essential study of the subject and create drafts to flesh out variations until I landed on the final version to be turned in or shared. And, while my passion for perfection pushed me at every stroke, the artist in me was humbled at completion. I learned to be guided by the process and to be open to the possibilities when aiming to reveal an authentic and vivid image.

Today, as a resourceful bilingual (Spanish) filmmaker and multimedia content strategist, I tell stories that engage, educate and motivate target audiences into action by connecting them to universal themes celebrating the human spirit.