Giovanna Aguilar

Giovanna Aguilar is a resourceful and strategically minded big-picture, bilingual (Spanish), award-winning producer and director of multimedia who has solid writing and storytelling skills. She has a diverse professional background that includes a wide-range of assignments in banking, financial services, film, entertainment, technology and media industries.

Currently, she is part of the producing team of the feature-length documentary When We Were Apollo (W3A), written and directed by Zach Weil, exploring the enduring impact of the Apollo Space Program through the eyes of extraordinary behind-the-scenes heroes who helped put a human being on the moon. W3A is scheduled for completion in time for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 in 2019.

Other work as a producer includes the award-winning documentary DreamTown, an international soccer film that follows an Afro-Ecuadorian player, Anibal Chala, as he strives for six years against all the odds to make it to the professional league. DreamTown, a multigrant awarded film —HBO/NALIP, NALAC, NYWIFT —can be seen in short form on PBS’s Frontline World Rough Cut.

In 2015-2016, Giovanna collaborated with world-renowned choreographer Maria Torres to produce the podcast HourGlass, interviews about the personal journeys of artists across the entertainment industry. As a tribute to the hit Broadway musical On Your Feet!, co-host Maria Torres conducted in-depth interviews with her fellow creative team members Emilio and Gloria Estefan, Jerry Mitchell, Sergio Trujillo.

Other media credits include: Line producer on the short film Happy Hour, written and directed by Gretl Claggett, and narrated by Academy Award-winner Julianne Moore; Line Producer on  the PSA Between Two Plates/Entre Dos Platos, a soap opera style web series  written and directed by award-winning producer Pamela Aguilar for Public Health Solutions to help educate low-income Latinos about healthier eating choices.

Aguilar served as the Public Relations Chair (2010-2011) of the New York Chapter of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP). She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Energy and Environmental Studies from Hunter College of the City University of New York.